Learn the secret that will make any song sound 10x more impressive!

You’ve learned how to play chords . . . But now what?

You feel just great that you can play songs you love.

But after a while, you begin to notice that every song sounds the same … 

Derivative of “Indian Spices” by Maulpatel licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Variety is the spice of life!

It’s kind of like cooking all your food using only one spice. The food all tastes the same, and after a while, it becomes kind of boring!

What you need are some more spices! Use different spices with different dishes and enjoy a variety of flavors!

With piano, it is the same thing. If you play each song the same way, it gets boring. Add some “spices” – and you’ll quickly sound like a seasoned player!

Most requested skill

I keep hearing from people that they want to learn how to play “tinkly” piano – pretty, flowing music that makes you sound like you play really well.
The kind of playing that gets a “wow, that sounds amazing” reaction from people.

The kind of music that makes you feel like you are glued to the piano bench because it is so beautiful you don’t want to stop.

You can do this!

The good news is that if you can play some basic chords proficiently, you can learn to play “tinkly” piano. You are ready to add some new jars to your piano “spice rack”.

I am so excited to share the techniques that got me “wow”s at the piano and gave me the confidence to play in school, camp and community performances!

Here’s the basic idea behind “tinkly” music:

When you play block chords, you are playing all three (or more) notes of the chord at the same time – as one block. (Hence the name “block chords”.)

Boom. Boom. Boom.

When you break up the chord and play the notes in succession instead of all together, you create a more flowing, or “tinkly” type of sound. This is called an “arpeggio”.

La la la!

You can use variations of arpeggios to create an endless variety of ways to play that flowing style of music.

In fact, the same techniques applied slightly differently form the basis for some faster styles of music as well!

It’s really quite simple:

1. Understand the concept of arpeggios and how to play them
2. Learn a few patterns
3. Choose the best fit for the song you are playing
4. Each song will sound unique based on the pattern(s) you play with it
5. Create your own patterns for an infinite number of ways to play!

Spicy Piano is a step-by-step system. Everything you need to learn is clearly explained and laid out in order so you won’t get lost or overwhelmed🙂.

Spice up your playing!

The Spicy Piano course is designed to do just that: teach you how to spice up your piano kumzits playing with all sorts of arpeggios! No need for every song to sound the same – choose how to play each song according to your own taste and preference.


  • What is the recommended age for this course?

    Spicy Piano is recommended for high school and up.

  • I’m already an adult. Am I too old to learn?

    You’re never too old to learn – as long as you can make the time for it!

  • How long is the course?

    Spicy Piano is a 12 week course, with one lesson (and one bonus challenge!) per week. But you don’t have to finish it in 12 weeks – you can take as long as you need to complete the course.

  • I work/go to school/have a family – will I be able to handle the course work?

    Spicy Piano is a one lesson per week course.
It is purposefully not overly intensive so that you can manage the course alongside school or home responsibilities.
At the same time, there will be enough (optional) challenges for those who have a little more time and want more to practice.
I work hard to make the lessons concise so that you learn everything you need to know in the least amount of time possible.

  • I have a scheduling conflict one week. Does that mean I can’t take the course?

    Certainly not! The course is email/Google Drive based, so you can take the lessons whenever it is convenient for you. If you skip a week (or many😉), you can catch up later or just finish a week behind; no big deal.

  • What will I learn in this course?

    If you can play your songs using block chords and you’re ready to take your playing to the next level, Spicy Piano will help you get there.

    You will learn how to break up the chords into cool patterns to create beautiful sounding music. This skill will make you sound like a “seasoned” player who has been playing for years, and will help you develop your own style of playing.

    You will also increase your understanding of how music works and how different notes relate to each other, and learn more complex rhythms.

  • Is the Spicy Piano course appropriate for my skill level?

    Knowledge of basic chords (C, D, Dm, E, Em, F, G, Am, Bm) and a love of singing are really the only prerequisites. If you’re missing one or two chords, we can get you up to speed in a jiffy before you start the course.

    If you can’t play chords yet, please complete my 5 Weeks to Kumzits course first.

  • I already play piano – I read notes! Will Spicy Piano be too easy for me?

    Spicy Piano teaches a whole different skill set than reading notes. If you can play chords but do not know how to manipulate them into different patterns, then this course is exactly the right level for you, whether you can read notes or not.

  • What is included in Spicy Piano?

    Ita Rabinowitz

    – Video lesson each week
    – A new song each week
    – audio recordings for each song
    – visual/video for each skill/pattern
    – PDF song sheet each week
    – patterns for right hand and left hand
    – learn notation for rhythm
    – feedback and guidance on your playing
    – unlimited questions/help via email
    – bonus challenges after you complete each lesson (it’s like getting twice as many lessons!)
    – learn on your own schedule

Live your dream!

Learning to play is a process. There is a starting point, but there is no finish line.
Take the next step in the direction of your dream.
Bring your playing to the next level. After all, variety is the spice of … music!

Yes! Transform my chords today!

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