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    • Thank you for your question!

      It is actually a major chord (though you would have guessed minor, right?).

      If you listen to the ending of song on the original recording, you will hear that it finishes with that last chord as a major chord – but only at the very end of the song, not in the middle when it is going to repeat or going back to other parts of the song.

      This is one of the reasons I try to listen to the recording before transcribing a song; it takes longer, but is more accurate than relying on my memory! (However, I am not always as meticulous with the melody, because it is indeed incredibly tedious to do it that way, and close enough is usually more than sufficient!)

      • i thought it was a harmony chord…
        isnt there usually a harmony chord (or something else) at the end of every song to add more effect to the song?

        • It could be that there is a name for this technique (harmony chord?), though I have not heard of it before. You are right that many songs do this – if the song is in a minor key, the song ends on the major chord that shares the same name with the minor chord that would be expected there. For example, if the song is in Am (it will often begin and end in Am, or begin or end in Am, and frequently subsections of the song will begin and/or end in Am as well), the last chord of the song might be an A Major chord.

          Certainly not every song ends this way. There aren’t actually rules that songs have to follow. But there are definitely techniques and trends that are common in each genre of music, and this one finds its way into lots of songs!

          Even rules like scales, chords, and keys are there as general guidelines, but artists can and do feel free to break them all the time!

  1. Change all the Em to Em7 (it’s easy, just keep the D string open on the guitar). The very last Em can go either way. Otherwise​ awesome chords! Been looking for chords to this song everywhere!

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